Sell Sodium Permanganate

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Molecular formula: NaMnO4
Molecular Weight: 195.97

Specifications: Purplish red liquid. Density is 1.36~1.39 g /cm3. It is easily soluble in water, ethanol and aether. It can be dissolved in liquid amine. decomposing in alkali. strongly oxidative. Its chemical properties are similar to those of KMnO4.

Uses: Used as oxidizer, disinfectant, bactericide, detoxification of morphine and phosphorus, also in toluene manufacture of saccharine. It is applied to print circuit boards, remove grease through galvanization, sort out chemical fibers, get rid of the odor of gases like H2S and also used as cleaning agent for metal etc.

Package & Storage: The product should be stored in closed plastic tanks with capacity of 25kg. or steal synthetic barrels with capacity of 250kg. stored in a cool and dry place.

Quality Standards ( Enterprise Standards) :
NaMnO4, %: >=40
Insoluble matter in water. %: <=0.005
Potassium (K) , %: <=0.22
PH Value: 6~8