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Sodium Peroxide You May Also Be Interested In: exothermic or metal oxides peroxide round iron sodium peroxide
Formula: Na2O2
Physical & chemical proprty : lndustroial grade product with a colour of light yellow a specific gravity of 2.805, a apparent density of 0.5-0.7g/cm3, a melting point of 4600C and a decomposition, tenperature of 6360C, When heated, its colour becones darker, and when dcomposing , it releases oxygen, It tends to absorb moisture, Exothermic reaction and oxygen relief would take place and when it contacts with water and steam containing carbon dioxide. It tends to burn wen contacing with organic inflannadles gnd is highly corrosive at high temperature .
Technical specifications: Standard No. Q/H0407-1997
Item Index
Effective oxygen(%) >=18.00
Fe(%) <=0.01
Heavy metal(as Pb) (%) <=0.01

Appearance: Light yellow powder
Applications: Used to make up mixed medicine with superoxides and used as oxygen generating agent in space navigation, undersea exploration, plateau operation, mine rescue, fire fighting, submarine navigation and medicine and hygiene. It is also widely used as bleaching agent, oxidant, deodorizer, bactericide and mineral analysis.
Packaging: Sodium superoxide powder is packed in PE bag and then put into 40 litre round iron drum equipped with triangle gland. Net weight 30 kgs.
Precautions: Stored in a sealed condition. Prevent from water and moisture and contact with organic inflammables and mixing with heavy metal oxides and Al powder.
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