Sell Sodium Sulfanilate

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Commodity name:
Sodium Sulfanilate
MW: 231.20
CAS NO: 515-74-2
Quality standard:
Voluntary Standard:HG/T2746-1996
pink to the light rose-colored crystal
sodium sulfanilic acid Content %<=: 97.0
Aniline Content % <=0.01
Insolubles in water %<= 0.10
Performance: This product is pink to the light rose-colored crystal; contain more than 97% of effective component. Apt to dissolve in water, the aqueous solution is neutral, do not dissolve in the general organic solvent, can appear the deposition when meet materials which including the calcium.
Usage: Can make the acid Dyes, direct Dyes and resist agent H, dissolving-aid salt B, and brightening agent BG. etc. Auxiliaries, can also use as the rustproofing sodium of agriculture chemical, is mainly used for preventing and curing the wheat rust.
Packing: 25kg woven bag inner lining plastic, or according to customer's enquiry