Sell Sodium cyclamate

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Loss on drying:< 1%
Sulfate(SO4) :< 500 PPM
Arsenic:< 3PPM
Heavy Metals:<10ppm
Anline:< 1 PPM
Selenium:< 30 PPM
Cyclohexylamine:< 25 PPM
Dicyclohexylamine:< 1 PPM
Excellent solubility
Pure, sucrose-like sweetness
100% non-toxic
High stability to heat, acid and alkali
Sodium cyclamate is a synthetic sweetener that has been used for many years world wide.
Sodium cyclamate is 100% non-toxic. Prolonged use of sodium cyclamate will not cause any adverse effect.
Sodium cyclamate is 50-60 sweeter than sucrose.
Sodium cyclamate is resistant to heat, acid and alkali. It will not absorb moisture even under prolonged exposure to air.
Sodium cyclamate is very soluble in water. Its aqueous solution is neutral.
Sodium cyclamate is not degradable by fermentation. It is suitable under normal storage condition.