Sell Sodium diacetate

Sodium diacetate
Molecular formula CH3COONa-CH3COOH-XH2O
Molecular weight 142.09
CAS NO 126-96-5
Quality index Item
FAO/WHO standard FDA standard
Acetic acid content% 39.0-41.0 38.0-40.0
Sodium acetate content% 58.0-60.0 56.0-58.0
Water content <=2 <=4
Heavy metal Pb(Ppm) <=10 _____________
Arsenide As(Ppm) <=3 ______________
PH value in 10% aqueous solution 4.5-5.0 ______________
formic acid and oxidate <=0.2 ______________

Property:White crystalline powder, percentage of acetic acid:39 %.

Use:With efficiency of preservation, keeping fresh, enhancing nutritive value etc. Mainly used as misture etc.
Packing In woven bag with plastic lining, net weight 25kg, or upon clients' request.
Transport:Prevent damage to package, avoid impact or rain.
Storage In cool. dry and airy place, avoid moisture.