Sell Sodium metaluminate

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Sodium metaluminate
Property: colorless, odorless, tasteless, strongly alkaline.

Solid type: white powder or granules, hygroscopic, readily soluble in water. The aqueous solution may absorb CO2 and form aluminum hydroxide precipitate. Addition of NaOH is required to increase stability.

Liquid type: transparent slurry, stable during storage life. Prolonged stay of diluted aqueous solution may cause aluminum hydroxide precipitate.

Concrete engineering: used in combination with water glass as concrete adhesive; concrete solidifying agent, promotes concrete solidification.
Papermaking: used in combination with aluminum sulfate as filling agent.
Water treatment: flocculant aid, reduces water hardness and accelerates floc settling.
Petrochemical: catalyst or catalyst carrier, coating primer.
Others: in textile, dye/printing, pharmacy, rubber, detergent, metal surface treatment, etc.

Further specifications customizable upon request.

Product name Na2AL2O4(%) AL2O3(%) Na2O(%) Na2O3/AL2O3 non-solubles Density Storage life
Liquid type A-1 >=29 >=18 >=19 1.7010.05 <=0.5 1.4810.01 One year
A-2 >=38 >=24 >=18 1.2510.05 <=0.5 1.5010.01 One year
Solid type SNA1 >=65 >=41 >=30 1.2510.05 <=1.0 - Prolonged
SNA2 >=80 >=50 >=38 1.2510.05 <=1.0 - Prolonged