Sell Sodium phenoxy acetic acid

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(used to call stimulation effective, Stimulation element) It is a phenoxy group plant growth regulator, contents >98%, pH7-8, water insoluble substance <0.5%, as white needle crystal, easily dissolve in water.
Functions: Its physiological effect is similar to indole acetic acid and has effect in speed up segmentation, promoting plant growth and development, advancing blooming and fruit bearing, preventing blossom dropping and fruit dropping, increasing lamina thick and green, raising seeding rate and weight of thousand granule, increasing production potency clear.
Application: The common concentration10-30ppm, suitable to apply in various crop seedling stage, growth stage, flower and fruit stage. It also can be used as synergist, additive to various foliar fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer, with obvious synergist effect.