Sell Sodium sulphanilate

Sodium sulphanilate
Molecular formula:C6H10O5NSNa
Molecular weight:231.20
Standard:HG/T 2746-1996
CAS NO. :515-74-2
Quality index
Item Index
Appearance:Pink or rose crystal
Sodium sulphanilate assay(%) >= 97.0
Aniline content(%) <= 0.01
Water insolubles content(%) <= 0.2

Property:Flashing and flaky crystal, easily soluble in water, its water solution is neutural.
Use:Used to produce acid dyes, direct dyes etc; also used to control wheat rust; It is also an ideal intermediate used in food, pharmacy and building materials areas.
Packing In woven bag with plastic lining, net weight 25kg, or upon clients' request.
Transport; Prevent damage to package, avoid impact or rain.
Storage In cool. dry and airy place, avoid moisture.