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Polyurethane liquid storage tank is a new-type soft liquid storage tank molded by dielectric sealing of multi-piece rubberized fabric with polyurethane coated on both sides. Gland strips are molded inside and outside the seam of rubberized fabric. The polyurethane rubberized fabric is made by one-time coating of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer on the interior and exterior of reinforcement weaved by high-tensile polyester fiber. During manufacturing, rubberized fabric is cut according to designed size, and various seams of rubberized fabric as well as inside & outside sealing joint strip of seams are molded through thermal sealing on special machine, by which the container is shaped. The containers processed by such technology are easy to be molded with superior performance and operability. As for the polyurethane liquid storage tank, the container has superior performance; different properties of polyurethane rubberized fabric are high, especially that the interlayer adhesion strength of rubberized fabric reaches 200N/cm; there are gland strips bonded inside and outside the seams of rubberized fabric, which ensures the container's sealing reliability; all seams of the container adopt the same bonding technology, ensuring the uniform quality of seams; the bonding strength of seam is higher than the interlamination adhesion strength of rubberized fabric, guaranteeing the operational reliability of seams.
The capacity of soft liquid storage tank is 5m3 to 500m3. The product, mainly used for storage and delivery of liquid cargo such as oil, chemical liquid and water, has been patented.

specification as follows:
Capacity (m3) : 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 50;100;200.

Dry weight(kg) : 48; 75; 90; 105; 125; 220; 390; 570.

empty size(m) :4.45W2.85; 5.7W3.5; 6.0W4.2; 6.5W4.5; 7.0W4.8; 8.5W7.0; 11.0W9.5 ; 16.5W9.5.

Max. Fill height (m) : 0.5 ; 0.6; 0.6; 0.8; 1.0; 1.1; 1.2; 1.6.