Sell Soft Bulletproof Vest

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Made of imported Dyneema UD material (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber UHMW-PE) strictly in accordance with Chinese GA141-2001 standard (Please see below) , as well as NIJ 0101.04 level of IIA, II, IIIA, and III (NIJ certified, NIJ test report is available upon request) .
General Description:
* Jinguan Brand bulletproof vest firstly solved the problem that soft bulletproof vest can not defend non-penetration trauma and gained state level patent. Jinguan light bulletproof vest is the lightest in China and its ballistic panel weights only 1.3kg, can defend running fire of Chinese 79 type sub machinegun, lead-core bullet. Jinguan now is developing domestic highest ultra light armored plate (national patented) , its specific gravity is less than 1 and can float on water.

The ballistic panel of the vest is made of high-intensity ballistic polyethylene fiber, the overt can be either camouflage fabrics which is waterproof, damp proof and ultraviolet radiation proof, or police-blue terylene fabrics of attrition resistance, high intensity and good air permeability, it can be custom-made and worn inside or outside. The front and back of the vest can be dismantled, groin is adjustable, front and rear pockets are for inserts of armored plates to improve bullet resistant level. Different logos can be printed on and pistol pockets, cartridge pockets are available upon request. The overt and ballistic panel is separable, easy to dismantle and wash.

* Jinguan series bulletproof vest is with multi-function, easy and comfort wearing, conceal ability and suitable for both outside wearing and inside wearing.
* They are suitable for Special Forces, police to deal with various emergencies and for armored convoy carrying out financial escort tasks.
* All weather using, preventing key parts of upper body from variety of light weapon injuries.
* Prevent from non-penetration trauma, deformation depth less than 2.5cm
* Knockdown structure, land force troops fabric of camouflage, water resistance, and ultraviolet radiation resistance. The front and rear vest can be added with collar protection, shoulder protection and groin protection. Nylon Velcro connection is used. Various pockets for documents, cartridge, guns, etc can be added on overt, and when wearing, you will feel comfortable, convenient and easy to move.
* The ballistic panel of the vest is made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMW-PF) , with feature of light weight, high protection and good shock absorption.