Sell Soft Ice Cream machine (HM238)  (CE approval)

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Introduction Personality Techincal
HM238 ice cream machine designed to personalize the selling point : air pump function , pre-cooling system , mixer system , counter system , ice cream cone holder , service tray , sun umbrella , billboard .
1. air pump ensure a high overrun ice cream ( overrun up to 80%)
2. pre-cooling system we use one independent compressor to control for this system , in day it can add ice cream cone output that can made storage temperature of ice cream mix in side the hopper from 280 to +40. the ice cream mix flow to stirrer (from +40 to -20 ) it made ice cream cone speed is quickly than from +280 to -20 . in night it can keep ice cream mix fresh in storage hopper at the same it can save low power consumption , only working this independent compressor .
3. mixer system have 3 function : it made ice cream mix temperature can quickly and balanced fall in the storage hopper and made ice cream mix temperature fall from static state to dynamic; when ice cream mix flow that will mix air inside the material and then it will add ice cream expanse that made ice cream will be soft than before ; if the ice cream mix is fall that have not made ice in the wall of hopper .
4. counter system that can help you to calculate one day you sell how many cone .
5. ice cream cone holder have 3 holders made of transparent plexiglass and can be mounted on left or right of the machine
6. service tray can be utilized to hold the equipment which is for immediate use like : cups , spoons , napkins, etc . it can be used on the left or right of the machine .
7. sun umbrella made in 420D oxford cloth and metal pre-coated white color .
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
530x 780 x 850
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Power Requirements
220V ,50/60HZ
Terms of Payment