Sell Soft-Shelled Turtles

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1) If you often eat turtles, then your immunity functions for yourself will be improved to
a large degree. For example, building up resistance of economy, leaving caducity,
resistance to aging of skin and restraining cancer cell
2) Soft-shelled turtles adopt breed aquatics of organic zoology. Turtle is fed by some
vegetables, fish and crayfish of savageness zoology
3) Growth period reaches 3 years
4) 95% products are exported to Japan, Korea, and Russia
5) Gross export percentage has exceeded 70%
6) Green grass back and black-white flower abdomen, turtle body is flat calm, blare
and bright crystal, more protein of glue, few fat, taste is fresh, adhibit but not oily,
no fishy smell
7) Herbal detailed outline record: turtle is belonging to sweet and salty of gout,
placidity of nature, removing heat, filling distress of work, strengthen male genitals
8) Weight: 1,000g/pc