Sell Soft ice cream machine OP145

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This machine is a high quality product. All the important parts of the machines (motor, compressor) come from famous European companies. Our patented beater, use in the cooling cylinder, is made from steel and hard plastic. It is produced so that the over-run of the ice cream will be high and the worn-out effect on the cooling cylinders wall will be as small as possible. Our discharge door is stylish design and practical. It can be easily cleaned for a good hygiene. The distribution handle provides high precision distribution and a comfortable grip.

HOURLY PRODUCTION (100g/cone) : 360
TANK CAPACITY (Liters) : 6.5 * 2
FLAVORS : 2 + mixed
WEIGH IN KG (net) : 160
DIMENSIONS (mm) : Depth 735 Width 555 Height 1335
REMARK : passed CB