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8.2 MHZ EAS Label EFC--4X7
Physical Specifications EAS-Labels
Antenna Size (MDWTD) 40W70mm
Tape Width(Transverse Direction) 50mm(1.96inch)
Tape Pitch(Machine Direction) 52mm(2.04inch)
Substrate 205m
Inductor Side Aluminium,605m
Capacitor Side Aluminium,205m
Max. Thickness ≈2005m
Adhesive Permanent Base Caoutchouc Solvant
Shelf life of 2 years if stored at 100to 250(500to 70℉ ) and 35% to 65% RH
Service Temperature -400to 600(-400to 140℉ )
Application Temperature above 00(32℉ )
Resonance Frequency 8.2MHz(14%)
Effective Signal Volume >=2400cm3
Quality Factor Q>=80
Deactivation Fieldstrength 0.9A/m1.5A/m
Operating Distance up to 2.2m(7.1ft. ) in Gate Configuration
Standard Packaging Format Label facing out
Quantity per Roll 1000pcs
Roll Length ≈52.5m
Roll Diameter outer #<164mm(6.5inch)
Cardboard Core Diameter inner 76.2mm(3inch)
Box Packaging(Rolls) 20 Rolls
Box Packaging(Labels) 20000 Labels
Box Gross weight 19.25kg(46.2 lbs. )