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Inscribed MICROSYSTEMS(inMICRO) a Lighthouse Group organization is a well established world wide solutions provider. The offices are fully equipped with the state of the art technology to meet the needs of customers to serve and satisfy the customer's customer.

We offer our own customized solutions be that in the technology, transportation, or business. Lighthouse Group extends to our valued customers whole hearted support through efficient handling of specific trouble shooting jobs. We also extend full co-operation to provide result oriented solutions. Lighthouse Group works with an end to achieve professional excellence.

Lighthouse Group expertise extends a vast expanse of related areas that provide a direct insight in to our clients needs and wants. It isn't the fact that we are here round the clock. It's the people. Our people, our customers and their customer. Customers satisfaction is our prime concern. Customer's success is our success. If the customer does not know how to have successful customer relations, we'll show them. Our solutions are tailored to the customer's needs. Lighthouse Group - solutions provider - superior choice in customer service.

In the Lighthouse Group solution, people do not just see static links to web content or a jumping-off point to enterprise applications, rather they have one-click access to the complete context of the business process: A vital, colorful world of business knowledge, collaboration, and analytics that understand what activity the user is performing. So they can make better, faster business decisions.

Lighthouse Group solution provides plug and play integration with most computer applications. What you may find surprising is that our solutions are the most open system to integrate and manage non-Lighthouse Group systems as well. Our software solutions are truly open to all of your enterprise systems and our hardware integrates with your existing infrastructure. The Lighthouse Group Enterprise Solution gives even the casual policy maker power at their finger tips. Your business users are empowered, and you can free up valuable and expensive IT staff, reducing bottlenecks and speeding deployment. No other solution can provide self-service integration with your legacy and automated systems, and unify your business processes more quickly than Lighthouse Group

Lighthouse Group combines expertise in business and technology to deploy robust enterprise solutions that meet the critical return on investment goals of leading organizations across a range of vertical markets such as Hi-technology/Manufacturing, Automotive, Financial Services, Insurance, Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Oil and Gas/Energy, Telecommunications, Publishing/Media and Entertainment.

Lighthouse Group custom software development is based on broad base knowledge of industry and market. Lighthouse Group provides free estimates of the expected project cost. Our software systems are responsive to customer requirements, professionally designed and easily deployed.

Lighthouse Group offers the best Hosting plan in the industry. Our managed servers are fully dedicated&designed to host thousands of domain names Co-located in USA for strategic advantages. Lighthouse Group is a one point solution house for your entire web development and publishing requirements.

Reduce downtime and work more efficiently with integrated voice, data and Internet services offered by Lighthouse Group. With dedicated Web hosting, Virtual Private Networks(VPN) and call center services, Lighthouse Group is poised to meet all your business needs.

Lighthouse Group Call Centers are supporting business owners with our inbound and outbound Call Representatives. Recognized as a leader in providing high quality, value added outsourcing services, Lighthouse Group operate from a large facility equipped with the state of the art technology.