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Software with powerful, updated, self-property! Powerful function, orient operation

Elegant software interface, built with CPU, memory and HDD storage displaying Icon

Single channel can set multi-functions for realizing independent work.

System can execute multi-tasks synchronously

Support 128 channels

Support 128 alarm devices, and multi-protocols.

E-map with signal alarm and picture transmission

Automation Management

Auto Run: It will auto run, deal with emergency according to settable parameters. Auto Control: System will set parameters with periphery device automatically. System will restore previous work mode after power-off and restart

Remote Management

Remote Control: Control all server devices from remote.

Remote Configuration: All required parameters are settable through remote

Alarm Transmission: Support alarm signal, alarm record, alarm picture upload, E-mail alert

Storage (support large-scale network) : All record files can store to designated network server.

Distributing System Structure

Independent mode design: server, player, electronic map.

Perfect Log

Multi-Log Records: System Log, Network Log, Operation Log, Alarm Log, Entrance Log

Log restriction management: Work in user management, offer log for checking restriction. (Lower user is not available for checking higher users log)

Smart Construction

Adopted modularization design, it improves stability and expansibility. Its easy to add hardware device , like alarm, matrix, speed doom , access control and etc. Additional functions are also available for adding

Concentrative management (Support large-scale network )

Concentrative user management: Manage network user concentrative, distribute network user restriction , provide network user authorization

Remote configuration: concentrative configure the run parameter of all long-distance servers

Dynamic domain service: provide dynamic domain service

WEB server: provide WEB service

Network storage: it can save all the data of the front port server

Media server: It can act as media server to provide the flow media service to the network user

Self-contained service and technique support

Our company will offer your the round-the-clock technique consultation and support ,24 hours uninterrupted upgrade service is available for you though internet!.

Recommendations:*****(5 Stars)


Hardware Feature

1. Anti-lighting Function: With experience of marketing and repairing, we had found that 30% reject DVR cards were damaged by lighting and static electronic in these years! Most of DVR card supplier had overlooked it! Here we had designed a special board circuit in order to add this function to DVR card. It improves a very stable and long time work for DVR card!

2. Standard PCI Design: Comply with PCI criterion

3. Proper heating design: Adopted lower consumption, plus heat-sink, It helps DVR card work under a good condition.

Software Feature

1. This software can compare with hardware compression card software.

2. Instead of previous first-class hardware design, second-class software feature, it realized first-class hardware design, first-class software feature, also with continues upgrade!

See more details in the user manual book!


1. MA Certificate is available if required

2. User Manual book is attached

3. Original PLX bridge chip is used

4. Software continuous upgrade
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