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Our developers are based in Poznan, Poland. Poland has a strong culture of hard work and a tradition of producing some of the best computer scientists in the world, with the Poznan University of Technology being one of Poland's most renowned technical universities.

Benefits from outsourcing with us:

* Hardcore Developers: Our hiring bar is very high; we'd rather stay smaller than hire average developers.
* Low Risk: Our proven team ramp-up approach mitigates many of the risks typically associated with outsourcing projects.
* Highly Cost-Competitive: Poznan is more cost-effective than other cities in Poland such as Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw.
* Agile: We are a small and dynamic company ready to accommodate our customer's needs.
* No cultural or language issues: All our developers are fluent in English and we offer Native English project managers.
* Close: In the same time zone as Western Europe we are a short flight from the UK/IRE and a few hours' train ride from Berlin.