Sell Software with source code that we sell with complete rights of sale and distribution to you at very low cost!

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We are the IT Alliance from Pakistan -
We sell all sorts of low cost non-pirated, non-branded, software/web based applications with source code internationally to individuals, groups, companies who buy these software and label and package them into bigger applications and sell them.

For example a complete ERP system would be available with source code for around US$10,000 and a Inventory System around $3000 with complete rights transferred to you for change, copying, branding, selling.

We are promoting about 500 software development houses, individuals, groups who are willing to sell this legal software with source code at low cost. We want to develop a relationship with you and provide you with all sorts of software which you can brand/label in your own name and sell anywhere you like once you have the software+source code. We have the following software available to sell to you at low cost:
1. Business Softwares fulfilling the following Transaction Cycles: Revenue, Purchase, Payroll, Production Cycles

2. Various other unique business, banking, leasing, insurance, marketing, distribution, sales, production, erp systems with innovative capabilities made according to International Accounting Standards

3. Email Mailing Management & Distribution Systems

4. Online Email & Viral Marketing Software/Web Applications

5. Multimedia CDs of information on Pakistan, other countries, marketing business directories

6. Business directories of Pakistan, Asia, SAARC Countries, ASEAN Countries & International markets

7. Language Translation Software to work on websites as well as on offline terminals for international markets

8. e-Learning Software Applications both online and offline for international markets

9. PHP/MySQL Open Source Web Applications for international markets

10. Innovative software applications for international markets

11. Powerful Utilities for international markets

12. Various softwares & packages/programs for international markets

13. Games, Gaming Software/Programs for international markets

14. Instructional Material Available on CD for international markets

15. P2P Software Systems for online/offline use

16. Textile, Garments & various other products related export softwares

17. Various Travel related CDs on Pakistan & Asian Countries

18. Urdu related encyclopaedias, dictionaries, softwares

19. Arabic Language Software Products

20. Ready to run Click Bank, Affiliate Marketing, MLM Marketing Softwares

21. Blogging Software, Forum Software

22. News Publishing Software

23. Printing Software

24. Mobile Phone Applications

25. Any interesting application with great market potential can be developed and provided to you in a very short period of time

Please give us some feedback as we are interested in supplying these very low cost software products with sourcecode to your company.