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Derived from decomposable organic matter, bring excellent effect to plant physically, chemically and nutritionally. Regulate soil structure, increase water holding capacity and aeration of soil and serve as an absorption and retention complex for better cultivated land in heavy soil. Chelate soil nutrients into an exchangeable form, special high cation exchange capacity promote making nutrients available in the root zone.
Assist in transferring micronutrients from soil to plant, stimulate development of microflora population and enhance nitrogen utilization efficiency.

Humic acid 40-50%, organic matter 60-70%, Organic Nitrogen 2%, .

-Vegetable, landscape, garden and lawn: 15-25kg covers 1000 square meters, gently dig into the soil surface ( except lawn) once per year or as desired.
-Pre-mixing soil: For hanging baskets, potted plants and planter boxes, thoroughly mix 1-2kg into 20L of bed soil or growing medium.
-Top dressing: Hanging baskets, potted plants and planter boxes, 2-3kg into 20L of soil, apply up to once per month or as desired, gently dig into soil surface where possible.
-Broadcasting: 20-30kg covers 1000 square meters.

Read the entire label instruction before using and application rate may depending on soil situation.
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