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Soil pH value is a very important factor for the quality of crops. Most of crops cannot survive in too acid or too alkaline soil. Get the right pH reading for your Crop is very important.

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Measuring Range:
pH 3-8 pH
Moisture: 1-8

1 If the soil to be tested is dry or contains much manure, sprinkle some water on the soil, and wait for 25-30 minutes before testing.

2. Before using the meter, be sure to thoroughly polish its metallic surface with a piece of whetting cloth. When using a brand-new meter, be sure to insert it into the soil a few times in order to remove the oily impurities from it's metallic surface

3. Insert the meter directly into the field or paddy soil under consideration. Completely embed the metallic surface and tamp down the surrounding soil so that it adheres closely to the meter's metallic electrode surface. About ten minutes after inserting the meter in the soil, the pointer indicate the correct value of pH or moisture. The meter may sometime register different values depending on the soil condition, such as, adhesion to the meter's metallic surface moisture content, or the pH level. It is therefore ideal to take an average of several measurements.

4. Press the white/green button, the pointer will indicate correct moisture value.

5. After use, wipe the plates clean.
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