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[The source of the plant] Solanesol is the natural substances which widely existed in higher plant mammal and microorganism especially in tobacco leaf, potato leaf and mulberry leaf. The content achieve 0.3??3% in tobacco leaf. the solanesol is an important raw materials to synthesize the pharmaceuticals. It is the nonreplaceable and key intermediates of ubiquinone--- the side chain of the CoQ10 and Vitamin K2.

[Active ingredient] Solanesol

[Main specifications] 12%-13% 70% 90% 95%

[Molecular formula and molecular weight] C45H74O. : 631.07

[Pharmacology function] The solanesol is a kind of sesquterpene enol olefinic alcohol. Solanesol is an important pharmaceutical intermediates. Mainly existed in the deadly nightshade such as tobacco leaf, potato and mulberry. Solanesol can counteract the bacteria, diminish inflammation and hemostasis. It also have strong activity of counteracting the cancer. Mainly used for synthesizing the CoQ10 and Vitamin K 2 and potentiator of fighting for the cancer. It is also can be the synthesized raw materials of some antiallergic agent, anti-ulcerative drug and hypolipidemic and anticancer drugs.