Sell Solar Absorption Chiller

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Our solar water absorption chiller. It uses solar water heater to heat the water to get through the units, comes out cold water and transportted to each room, with fan coils to make cool. The unit do not have compressor and refrigerant, It is full solar energy. It is actually an integrated unit, already packaged with cooling tower, pumps and valves. But it has high required for the hot water, the hot water out of the water heater need to be higher than 90C. It need not to work with a air condensers

Our absorption chiller is an itegrated system, have already packaged all the parts. It is widely used in USA. For lackage of the energy, it will be a great solution for that. It will surely reduce the polutions also.

The totally air condditioning process do not need any electricity but motors and valves together with cooling tower will still need some electricity, the totally power comsuption is about 10% of normal watwer cooled water chiller cost. It outlet cold water about 10C.

This unit could be used widely for hotels, builtdings, green houses, factories and some other places that not convinient with electricity.