Sell Solar Camping Lantern Light

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This Solar Camping Lantern light is one of new style lighting which can save energy and green environment , it has long-life usage , high brightness, save electric energy and so on . it does not need that city offer power , only need to put the goods in the sun in daytime about 4.5 hours, and can continue using above 8 hours in the night. It is a necessary product for family, ore factry, encampment, field and some less power area.

The product uses maintenance-free features storage battery as nickel cadmium or ni-mh , so it becomes small volume , light weight and long-lift usage. when battery end discharge , please turn down in time and wait charging next day. The light has fully electrical , it can use above 5 days based on brighting 3 hours everyday . the light does not have solar swtich , so it can use as solar garden lightings .