Sell Solar Car Ventilator

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A solar powered ventilator for parked cars. It helps to reduce temperature and humidity by drawing out the hot stale air from inside the car and replacing it with fresher air from outside.

Quotation includes
1. Solar car ventilator with integral solar cell
2. 2 tapered strips
3. 2 straight extension strips
4. 3-meter cable with cigarette lighter plug

- Removes hot and stuffy air inside your car with its unique method of ventilation
- No wiring or batteries; Works with Solar Energy
- Does not let temperature build up in your car while parked under sunlight
- Protects car upholstery from heat breakdown
- Fits in any Car/Van window Portable and easy to install simply by winding down the glass of the vehicle and fitting the ventilator to the glass's peripheral
- The "on" and "off" switch allows the user choose to use the ventilator.

Please note: It is not a cooling device. It is meant to reduce temperature and humidity by drawing out stale air from inside your car and replaces it with fresh air from the outside.

Packing : White Box, size : 30 x 18.5 x 7.5cm

Carton Packing : 45.5*31*37.5/CTN
Gross weight: 6kgs/ctn