Sell Solar Cells Charger

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1.sunlight descend did not need the AC power, direct convert the sun light can into the direct current electric power. At any time and anywhere can the small scaled electric appliances of opponent machine, few code camera, MP3-MP5 etc. refresh. Is the fancy goes on a tour the personage and often go on errands personage, outdoor games personage, business worker of essentialcompanion.
2, efficiently solar cell, inside place to keep the ability lithium battery. Have various model number cellular phone to refresh the plug fully, be applicable to all model number cellular phones and other electric appliances, Remove to lack the electricity, have a power fail thoroughly, the open air lives tomove to occasionally use up the battery for time of agony.
3, refresh quickly, the sunlight of hour of Mayday project lightupon 3 after minutes then with the opponent machine etc. refresh, and can at the timeof sunlight projecting light upon the solar battery to refresh, the opponentmachine carries on refresh.
4, refresh to show the function, the eligibility chooses to" CH", "OFF", " LED" three functions.
5, take the high and bright degree to give out light the flashlight of LED, be convenient for the nighttime to illuminate usage.
6, the shape beauty is stylish, super and thin design, the styleis novel, can have various color choices. Lovely, take the convenience, pack elegant. Apply the green sweeps the energy of pioneer, the vogue is elegant, giving presents the good product.
7, accessories:All-powerful output the cellular phone conversion plug. The figures of USB refreshes the socket. The power supply prepares the machine.