Sell Solar Collector Tube With Heat Pipe

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All-Glass Evacuated Solar Collector Tube with Heat Pipe
1. Higher Absorbance, Lower emittance, dry exposure up to 2700C
2. Higher efficiency, more heating
Absorbance coating layout
1. Metal reflecting layer(copper)
2. Absorbance layer(SS aluminum nitride metal ceramic)
3. Emittance reducer layer(aluminum nitride)
Technical Parameter
Material borosilicate glass 3.3(T-0.91)
Coating SS-C/CU selective compound absorb coating
Absorbance 0.88-0.94
Remittance 0.08-0.04
Vacuum Degree =<2x10-3Pa
Max. pressure 6Bars
hail resistance =<25mm

Kingeagles vacuum tube adopt dry absorb type selective coating with lower remittance,
it solved the problem of normal tube having not good curve of emittance, when the
temperature higher, the remittance higher, which reduce the efficiency of the tube.
Three Higher Point of this new tube
1. Higher Efficiency: The absorbance increased by 14% with remittance reduce by 30-40%
2. Higher Heat conduction: dry exposure temperature up to 2700C and can endure -300C environment temperature and still working
3. Higher Vacuum Degree: Unique technology to keep the vacuum degree, stable absorbance which guarantee the long life of the tube