Sell Solar Garden Light+ Rodent Repeller

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This product is effective against underground Rodents by utilizing sonic sound waves to counter their keen sense of hearing to ground vibrations. These waves fool the Rodent into believing that there is danger, causing them to flee the area covered by the vibrations. The sound generated by this unit every minute and will be sufficient to cover 650 sq meters of the ground.
This unit emits vibrations in all directions. However, there should be no obstructions in the path of the sound waves. For best results, it's recommended that two units are installed within 30 meters of each other, in areas where the rodents most frequently appear. Moreover, when it's dark at night time, its Garden Light function enables to lighten your Garden by LED automatically. The LED is in flashing status to save ELctric power ( every 0.5 seconds / Red & Green exchange) . This unit is powered by a Solar-Cell, generating power to a rechargeable battery which operates it at night time. When fully charged, the battery will operate for 24 hours in continuous use if there is insufficient light to power it.
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