Sell Solar Handbag-STB002

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Fashionable bags with an environmentally friendly double use!

Solar Bags are the latest energy efficient fashion accessory.

These attractive bags, available in a range of styles, are spacious, waterproof and hardwearing; suitable for all types of activities and perfect for travelling. And whats more, they have an eco-friendly secret. . .

Solar Bags are fitted with powerful solar panels that soak up the suns rays and store the energy in a battery, ready to use for charging any mobile device in an emergency.

Imagine storing energy as you travel, ready to use just at the moment when you need it most. Maybe your cell phone has gone flat, or you are facing the most stunning view youve ever seen and your camera battery gives up. What do you do when you are miles from the nearest power supply? Easy! You turn to the power in your Solar Bag!
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