Sell Solar Hotwater Heating System

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The separate pressurized solar water heater system is made up of solar collector, pressurized water tank, working station, expansion tank, stainless steel frame and whole kit of stainless steel fasteners.
1. The water tank includes two heat exchange coil inside and a 1500 electrical heater as a backup heater.
2. The working station includes circulation pump, intelligent controller with sensors, setting online (flux controller) , pressure meter, pressure release valve, one-way valve, ball valve, copper pipes, insulation shell.

Working principle
1) When the temperature of the heat collector reaches the set value, the controller will make shall the circulation pump work automatically.
2) The circulation pump makes heat-conducting liquid circulate automatically.
3) The heat-conducting liquid transfers heat to water by the heat exchanger in the tank.
4) In case the temperature of the circulation pump does not reach the set value, the circulation pump will be shut automatically.
5) In case the temperature of the tank does not reach Tm ax, then start the auxiliary heating device.

Collector separates with storage tank. The tank can be put in any place of house. And the collector can be put on the inclined roof or flat place.
Module design, arbitrary combination, harmony with the building perfectly;
Intelligent control and automatic operation;
Anti-freeze: No water inside the tubes when it works.
The system controller has the anti-freezing function is that the temperature circulation will operate while it reaches the fixed temperature.
Multifunction: Bathing, washing, domestic heating etc;
Work at anytime and enjoyable.

The split solar water heater is composed by heat collector, storage tank, controller, working station and installation parts.
Model No: 100L 150L 200L 250L 300L