Sell Solar Mobile Phone Charger (mobile phone accessory)

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Solar Mobile Phone Charger is a unique solar product which charges the mobile phone battery in the sun. It only takes about 2-4hours to charge up the battery to its full capacity. Solar charger is most suitable for tourists, business travelers and people living, camping, outdoor sports, outgoing on the sea. Solar charger will accompany you to communicate with the world all the time!
1. Open panels, turn them towards the light source and wait a few seconds.
2. LED will turn bright green.
3. Connect your mobile phone with the wire designed for your phone brand.
4. When your phone starts to charge, put switch in solar position (sun) to move to solar charging only as otherwise you will use the AAA batteries(Battery) .
5. Your phone will be recharged to app. 75-80% of full capacity in 2-3 hrs.
The Solar charger works on more than 40 kinds mobile phones(Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Simens, Motorola, Samsung etc) .
Solar Power: 110ma
1. Green power. Turns natural sunlight into electricity to support your mobile phone, or charge other electronic devices like small CD player, digital camera, PDA using our multi-purpose adaptor.
2. Applicable anywhere without worrying about unavailable power source, different voltages, or unsuitable sockets, all you need is free sunlight.
3. Pocket-sized, can be carried around easily.
4. With Mobile phone adaptors, can provide power to different brands of mobile phones available in the market.
5. Battery box can serve as an instant power source when your electronic devices run out of electricity.
6. Several solar mobile phone chargers can be connected to achieve higher output and better charging effect.