Sell Solar Mobile Phone Charger

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a. Solar charger for mobile and small digital electronic products, such as PDA, MP3player, CD player, iPod, and digital cameras.
b. Flashlight, ultraviolet light and stainless steel mirror.
c. Charging indicator, adjustable voltage switch 5.8V-7.8V-9.8V.

a. Solar panel: 0.6W.
b. Built-in 1,100mAh Lithium battery.
c. Voltage (5.8V, 7.8V, 9.8V) adjustable according to your device's charging voltage, and can charge all mobile phones freely.
d. Takes 8 to 10 hours to fully charge the Lithium battery
e. With batteries in full, the device charges an average mobile phone within 2.5-3 hours.
f. Can charge 2 mobile phones fully once the Lithium battery is fully charged.
g. With 70 hours flashlight lighting time after the Lithium battery is fully charged.

a. Novel design for running over 90% of small digital electronic products in the market.
b. Elegant and extremely portable.
c. With emergency charging, lighting and counterfeit money testing functions.
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