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KE5-70 /KE5-75 /KE5-80 /KE5-85 Multi or Mono Crystalline Cell Technology
We produces various solar modules, ranging from 5W to 190W using both poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar cells. The solar cells, typically 200-350 micron thick, are tested and electronically matched prior to interconnection. The encapsulation between high-transmission special tempered glass and tedlar-polyester-tedlar/EVA (TPT/TPE) guarantees the module excellent durability under harsh outdoor conditions. The module's self-supporting anodized aluminum frame is designed to allow easy mounting and carrying. Our modules have obtained IEC 61215 and Safety Class II certificate in June 2005.
The module is designed in consistent with IEC 61215: 1993 standards, manufactured with proven materials and tested to ensure electrical performance and service life.
36 high efficiency solar cells construction
High transmissivity low-iron 3mm tempered glass
Heavy duty anodized aluminum frame
A waterproof versatile junction box
12V battery system
Signaling systems and outdoor lighting
Water pumping and irrigation
Stand alone system