Sell Solar Panel (monocrystalline silicon)

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The monocrystalline silicon solar module is composed of solar cells with the average conversion efficiency above 15%, EVA sheet, solar glass and Tedlar (TPT) back sheet compounded from fluoric-plastic and dacron. The module adopts reliable welding technology and high-vacuum heating lamination process and is equipped with anticorrosion-treated aluminum alloy frame and watertight terminal box. The modules comply with the requirements of international IEC61215 and Safety Glass II Equipment.
Design the characteristics:
Even under the condition that the light is dim , the monocrystalline silicon solar cell of above 15% of the efficiency can produce the electricity greatly
Power output match with the most ideal solar module;
With defended and reflected membrane and high
transparentglass, the module can increase the energy greatly .

Firm frame reliably:

Only for 46mm thick extremely thin positive pole anticorrosion-treated aluminum frame;
Safety glass and protect back sheet can avoid damage and water;
Pour into the terminal box that the silicon froze the glue;
Utilize EVA and TPT can prevent water entering effectively;
On the frame opens has 4 - 6 holes, is easy to install in all systems structure;
Provides the standard MC attachment and the 1m
Has 3 diodes in the joint box, greatly reduced the system power loss which camouflaged from the module.
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