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Forget solar powered backpacks and panels  Solar-Powered Jacket is hands down the most practical and best-looking way to charge your mobile gadgets.
Solar Touch Co. , Ltd has a range of Jackets (woman and man series) that have a unique design that allows attaching solar panels to supplement the power of your portable devices.
The solar jacket is with flexible solar panel that generates enough energy to power personal devices. The panel is water resistant (rain okay) and removable, it can be used separately from the jacket when not needed. It is connected to a lithium battery power box that stores the charge, and has outputs to plug in mobile phones, iPods and other MP3 players, digital cameras and so on.
You can use the solar panels to charge your devices without attaching it to the jacket so long as the panels are exposed to light, preferably direct sunlight. The solar panels can almost immediately charge a USB device even in partial sunlight whether or not the battery is fully charged, and that the battery will charge just fine in non-optimal conditions, it just takes longer. Once the battery is fully charged, the panels can be removed and your portable electronic device can tap into the stored power. Typical charge times in direct sunlight range for about 4 hours, but direct sunlight is not required.
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