Sell Solar Recuperation

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A Solar Recuperation (warm) pump is device using cooling circulation similar to practical circulation in usual household fridges.

Higher temperature of airs from which pump draws energy, this efficiency is higher. Just from this of reason pump warm best to place on it used garret, kitchen, bakery, and pepper-mill and below. There just across convection warm by ceilings and staircases gathers most of all warm. Additionally one can lead out on garret additional ventilating - lines (except WC and of kitchen) instead to lead out energy contained in "to waste - air" outside of building. Condition such locations of pump warm is however thermos-isolated roof. Warm pump one can also place in boiler room, where from-attentions on exploitation of kettle are suitable temperature of airs. At heating of water at use of warm pump wears away minimum 33 times less of energy than at warming with electric warmer. Marks this that of every 1kWh electric energy received from nets gives us 33,5 kWh of energy-devoted water in figure warm. Additional effect of pump warm is drying rooms, in which is she exploited.