Sell Solar Water Heater (Automatic Solar-Powered Model)

Solar Water Heater (Automatic Solar-Powered Model) You May Also Be Interested In: solar powered water heater zinc coated steel
Suitable for 10 - 15 people

1) The entire automatic solar-powered water heater uses the multi-storage water tank
2) Using the hot water conduction technology, channel the higher temperature water
upper in tank towards the next water tank; we get the highest temperature hot
water at outlet of the last water tank
3) promote electric heating efficiency and the intellectualization, using automatically
water-added technology, thus shield the vacancy flaw in cabin, well decrease
loss of heat which because of the vacancy air convection, lets the user time-saving,
saves the electricity, free from worry

1) Pipes: 58 x 1,800mm
2) Water tank material (inside) : imported SUS304 2B type of stainless steel (also
applicable for foodstuff standard)
3) Water tank material (outside) : fluorine-carbon coating plate PVDF
4) Heat holding layer: computerized temperature holding; polyurethane froth, thickness of heat-holding layer: 50mm-70mm
5) Bracket material: inter-converted tri-pieces frame with diverse applications;
imported zinc-coated steel with spraying
6) Sealed ring: macromolecule silicon rubber
7) Reflecting angle: 38° - 50°
8) Temperature (sunny season) : 50 - 96° C/day
9) Water capacity: 160L - 480L

Packing: 1pc/carton
CE ISO9001
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