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MODEL: ALT 470-1800/58-24-CF
Absorption area: 1.92m2
Diameter of tank: 470mm
Diameter of tube: 58mm
Length of tube: 1800mm
No. of tubes: 24 pieces
Tank capacity: 200L

Thermosyphon solar water heater relies on the natural circulation of water between the collector and the tank or heat exchanger. As water in the vacuum tubes is heated it rises naturally into the tank, while cooler water in the tank flows down to the bottom of the vacuum tubes, causing circulation throughout the system.

Evacuated tubes are the absorber of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy converting it into heat for use in water heating. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes made from extremely strong borosilicate glass. The outer tube is transparent allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating (Al-N/Al) which features excellent solar radiation absorption and minimal reflection properties. The top of the two tubes are fused together and the air contained in the space between the two layers of glass is pumped out while exposing the tube to high temperatures. This "evacuation" of the gasses forms a vacuum, which is an important factor in the performance of the evacuated tubes. The vacuum in the evacuated glass tube is less than 5W10-3pa This can only be reached and maintained over a long period of time through a specialised evacuation process in production resulting in an almost total elimination of convection and conduction losses from the tube.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
3,000.00 pcs/month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
14 days
Model Number
ALT 470-1800/58-24-CF
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pcs
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T
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