Sell Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater
Our OEM products enjoy a good sales all around the world.
Now it is your turn! Remeber, the Sun will pay for you!
Every year, over USD600,000. - saved by our products !
Each year, at least 14,000 metric ton of CO2 emissions reduced by us!
KH series of DHW (Domestic Hot Water) system is the best choice for any independent house. Just place the system on the sunny roof, or any sunny place in the yard, it will keep running for next 15 years. Without any complex operation, the hot water will be delivered to any room without limits.
Tian-En Domestic Hot Water System is automatic. The temperature, the pumps, the valves are compleletely under your controll through a center pannel. Saving all of your manual operation. It's safe to family members, easy to use and no pollution. You can take it as an "Green Project".
Strong Points

1 The state-of-art technology

2 Smart control of whole system

3 Automatic circulation

4 A heat exchanger assured the clean water .

5 If necessary, a electrical heating device enhanced the performance.
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ISO9002 ,SPF
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KH series
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