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1, solar energy thermal-control system
The special used solar energy thermal-control system of Huayuan biogas project has several types including electrical thermal conduction pipe and PVC pipe (conduct heat by water or other medium flowing through) and other types. And the special used solar energy heat-collector of Huayuan includes low temperature system and mid-high temperature system. The principle is translating the solar energy into thermal energy, which is transferred through PVC pipe or electrical thermal conduction pipe into FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics) biogas jar or pool to improve the temperature and realize constant temperature, which reaches the best effect and can be used in all seasons of a year.
2, biogas reactor jar/pool
FRP biogas generator
This generator has the advantages of lightweight, high strength, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, acid and base proof, and no leakage with both output, input holes and feeding, discharging holes. The thickness of the jar is 2-8cm, tensile-strength is 93.5 pg, and bending strength is 100mpg, with high mechanical strength and elongation. The type of jar has 2m3 , 3m3 , 4m3 , 6 m3 , 8 m3 , 10 m3 , 12 m3 , 16m3 , 20m3, of various specific types respectively, can adapt different individual demands. The product is filled with crop straws and manures with special additives and can run continuously for 5-6 months at one charge.
The advantages of Huayuan portable FRP biogas generator:
(1) The intellective control of constant temperature, and guarantee of solar energy absorbing, storing, transferring, and transportation has effectively removed the adverse effect of different temperature (because of different latitude, season , landform , and location) to the biogas produce.
(2) This equipment can produce biogas efficiently, and the equipment for solar energy absorbing, storing, transferring, and transportation are advanced. According to the reality needs, we choose and put into use of the domestic advanced technology like solar energy low temperature tech and mid-high temperature system. Or other equipment likes heat-collector, and so on.
(3) By using dry fermentation teach-in can be installed on/ under the ground, without the restriction of geographical conditions and can be easily moved.
(4) Spherical designed, it is excellent in heat-insulation, small land occupied, and conveniently charged and slag-tapped.
(5) The equipment is high in strength, light in weight, and made up by two hemispheroids, it is convenient to be fixed and installed.
(6) The tightness is good; the practice has verified that the jar made from FRP is good in tightness without speepage, leakage, and maintenance.
(7) The mechanical prosperity is excellent. The underground concrete biogas may be damaged by frozen ground, on the contrary , made from FRP, the new type jar is good in elasticity and tensity resistance, can not be cracked by frozen ground.
(8) The biogas production is high. With the caloric value is 1.42kj (m/h) , the heat loss of FRP biogas jar is much less than that of concrete biogas pool, the thermal caloric value is 5.44kj (m/h) . efficiently ensures the gas production rate.
(9) Low-cost and long-service life. Minimum service life is above 30 years;
(10) Equipped with safety valve, barometer, pressure reducing valve and exhausted valve the security of the jar is reliable.
(11) Automatic desulfurization, biogas is mainly mixed by CH4, hydrogen, nitroge SO2, ammonic gas, and a little steam. The SO2 and steam can be eliminated automatically by the air-water separator of the automatic desulfurizer, by which the purity and heat value of the biogas has been extremely improved. (the caloric value is about 8000 Cal/of m3 , and that of pure CH4 is 8600-9500 Cal of / m3) ;
(12) The technology of preventions against crusting order to prevent against the crust of the material, hand string must be used in the traditional underground biogas pools, but, designed retionaly, the FRP biogas jar can now solve the problem thoroughly.
2, large scale concrete, FRP reaction pool.
This technology is suitable for large-scale gas-production, culture farm, and plantations and their corollary project like commercial biogas project, government project, villages and towns collective project.