Sell Solar charger WD 22

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Ultra portable design
High energy capacity and reliability
Multiple voltages
Compatible with Mobile Phone, PDA, MP3, MP4, CD, MD, PMP, PSP, Bluetooth Headset, Digital Camera, Digital Learning Machine and Repeating Recorder, Game devices; LED chess devices, portable printer, scanner, projection devices, portable amplifier, transmitter-receiver, recorder, camcorder, color LED TV; Wireless gateway, wireless bridge, Bluetooth adapter, wireless accessories, wireless router and junction point; portable lamp, caution light, fishing light; Portable police and medical devices.
Intelligent LED display: four indicators for status of remaining power and charging
Energy indicator switch
Built-in short-circuit, over-loading and temperature protection
With USB and other standard connectors
Life span: up to 500 cycles (maintains 80+% of capacity)

Battery Type: Solar & Li-polymer battery
Charger: AC220 50HZ DC-8.5V/ 500mA
Solar 6.0V/ 300mA
Output: USB-5V/ 500mA DC-7.4V /1.5A
Capacity: 11.8 Wh
Charging Time: Less than 5 hrs or 6-8hrs by the sunlight
Operating Temperature: -100~450
Size: 96mmW68mmW20.5mm
Weight: 200g
Idle Discharge: Below 30uA
Color: Apple green

Portable energy WD22
Multi-function connecting line
Six cellphone switching heads
Five DC switching heads
8.5V/1A special charger