Sell Solar charger for mobile phone

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Solar energy is green and most available and inexaustable energy in the world, that give no polutions to the environment, we developed several new models of solar products which can used for charging the mobile phones, for MP3, for radios , torches, and LED lights, come and visit our website, you will find the details of these interesting new products!

Solar charger for mobile phone
Solar charger

1. Directly charging the mobile telephone under sunlight .
2. Built in lithium battery (500mAH) , it can be charged both by sunlight and AC current, it can store the energy under sunlight if no mobile phone is being charged,
3. Solar charger can work as a battery for use at emergency if no sunlight is available, it can support your mobile phone 20-40min. of talking time depending on models of your mobile phone.
4. Small size, light weight, suitable for almost all kinds of mobile phones by simply changing the different connectors, the color of charger is customer selectable.
5. Four major brand mobile phone adaptors such as Nokia, Sony-ericsson, Samsung, and Motorola are provided for one set charger. If it cannot match your mobile phone, please buy at local agent or advise us .
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