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Solar energy generating system
solar energy photovoltaic power in the traffic police domain application
Solar energy generating system in the traffic signal widespread application laying d-own the supply line and opening cutting the road surface work, erected directly, the cost w-as inexpensive, facilitates the installment and the use
solar energy photovoltaic power in communication domain application
solar energy photovoltaic power in communication domain application had guara-nteed the communication base depot, the relay station, release directly for stands and so on the load electric power supply, manifested the solar energy light to bend down gene-rates electricity nobody value to defend, the highly effective stable movement merit, widely used in the modernized communication domain
solar energy photovoltaic power in city application
solar energy photovoltaic power widespread application will have manifested the sustainable development energy and the circulation economy idea, will adjust the energy structure, the safeguard energy security, in will improve and protects the terrestrial envir-onment and guarantees the human society in the sustainable development to occupy day by day the important status
solar energy photovoltaic power which inexhaustible environmental protection en-ergy, widely uses in the city modernization construction, BIPV (photovoltaic construction integration) to construct, the municipal administration public works as well as the bright project and so on.
solar energy inhabitant lives uses electricity system
The system uses in the city inhabitant roof solar energy photovoltaic, the creation enviro-nmental protection, the ecology housing environment.
system installment
solar cell square matrix
control box
may prevent has been sufficient, may prevent has put
accumulator cell
load: conserves energy the lamp, the television, the satellite signal receiver, the ventilator
solar energy parking lot
The solar energy parking lot union stops with the solar energy light bends down the elec-tricity generation is a body, fully saved the city space, has manifested the environmental protection and the urban construction unifies
system installment
solar cell square matrix
incorporation inversion
grouping control
daytime generates electricity the electrical energy which produces to sell to the public electrical network
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