Sell Solar energy systems for heating and cooling

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Helio Therm Oy Ltd has developed devices and systems, wich have achieved in tests a temperature of over +180 degrees Celcius and in cooling use about -8 degree frost. Efficiency ratio of the system is good, mechanical strength excellent and manufacturing costs are reasonable.

The solar collectors of the system are parabolic trouhg mirrors, which reflect sun heat to the collector pipes filled with cooling liqued. Solar collectors efficiency has been examined by the laboratory of VTT Energia (Technical Research Center in Finland) in Espoo, and by Solar Simulator Suomi Ltd in Raisio, Finland.

From the year 1998 there has been made working prototypes and system applications in Kymenlaakso Institute of Technology at Energie technic branch, and this development work still continues.

Helio Therm Oy has energy patents in ten different countries. The patents and manufacturing rights and licenses for the pruducts and systems of Helio Therm are for sale, and the business units of this company, too:
* Patents in Canada for North America markets
* Patents in Brazil for South America markets
* Patents in Japan and Australia for Asia markets
* Patents in Russia for East Europe and former CCCP countries
* Patents in Poland, Portugal, Finland and Norway for West European and EU countries.