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The active solar house (solar energy greenhouse) developed by Huayuan new technology application institute is developed from passive solar greenhouse which is characterized by stores up the thermal passively. It guarantees the implementation of the indexes like humidity and thermal needed by the house by using solar energy and air-conditioning systems . The company use solar energy equipment to collect thermal, transfer the thermal and steam to the house. The equipment makes the agriculture become modernization and automation.
The technology of solar energy greenhouse is the mainly trend of solar energy utilization technology. Comparing with traditional passive solar house, it has a more brightly future. On the passive thermal conduction, sometimes people have to release some thermal to suitable the need of the plants, but in night, without heat-storing equipment the temperature is too low. The application of active solar house has showed great value of solar energy mid-high tech and new technology by solved the problem of thermal-constant and humidity-control, realization of intellectualization and management, which the passive solar house cant solve.