Sell Solar mobile phone charger, battery, cellphone, PDA

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Product Main Characteristic
The product is small and exquisite, convenience to take with. By transforming the solar power with its inside battery, the product can charge and recharge any cell phone or PHS through kinds of connecting plugs.
The product can supply power to CD, V/DVD, PDA, walkman, digital camera and digital visual player.
LED light, for emergency lighting ; and Ultra violet light, for cash detection.
Strong power, highly quality and efficiency, all the fantastic functions the product gives outdoor and on the trip, will help you fully enjoy the sunshine, the technology as well as your life.

Four Means of Charging the Mobile Power Source
Let the solar panel of the Mobile Electrical Source expose in the sun, by whose photoemission, the inside battery will be charged for 6-8 hours(The time depends on the size of the inside set) .
The component AC/DC adaptor(110V~240V) can charge the inside battery for 5 hours when the red LED light turns to green indicating charged full.
At night, the solar panel of the Mobile Electrical Source can be faced to lamps in order to recharge by the infrared light. The time of recharging depends on the lightness and distance to the lamp(usually shorter than 10 cm) .
12V set specially for cars, the red LED light turns green indicating charged full.
Make sure to turn the right switch to 4V in all the four above means when recharging.
Product Functions
DC output of 5V/7V, capable of charging cell phones or PHS(Imax=300mA) .
DC output of 4V, capable of charging CD, V/DVD, PDA, walkman and digital camera of 4V(Imax=600mA) .
DC output of 8V, capable of charging digital camera of 6.5V-7.5V and mobile digital visual player. (Imax=900mA) .
Exposed in the sun, capable to charge the inside battery(Imax=200mA) .
Solar Panel Capacity:1wp
Dimension: 116W70W16mm
Standard Components
5V, 7V output connecting wire : one.
4V, 8V output connecting wire for C D, V/DVD, PDA, Walkman and Digital Camera
: one.
DC/AC adaptor: one
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7 days
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1 year