Sell Solar panel

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* Main features:
a. Single crystal silicon solar cell
b. Laminated with low-iron tempered glass, EVA and T/P/T
c. Anodized aluminum frame
d. High efficiency, long service life, high reliability
e. Can be used in the severest environmental conditions for a long time

* Typical applications:
a. Microwave/radio repeat stations
b. Electrification of villages in remote areas
c. Emergency communication systems
d. Navigation lighthouses and ocean buoys
e. Solar obstacle flashing lights
f. Photovoltaic pump systems
g. Aviation obstruction lights
h. Cathodic protection systems

* Technical Parameters
a. Rated power: 68WP
b. Open circuit voltage: 20.5V
c. Short circuit current: 4.73A
d. Rated voltage: 16.2V
e. Rated current: 4.19A

* Packing :
a. Weight: 7.7 kg
b. Dimensions: 1200 x 530 x 25 mm
Brand Name
solar panel
Condition of Goods
1200 x 530 x 25 mm
Model Number
Patents or Trademarks
7.7 kg