Sell Solar thermal parabolic mirror

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The parabolic mirrors can concentrate sunlight on a line of focus on the High temperature vacuum tube collector
The aluminiferous is 99.9, reflectivity more than 95, the size could made as the order
It just work for solar thermal power plants, Parabolic trough system, solar air-conditioner.

The most important thing is that the technology has breakthrough the traditional restriction that one system could control only one reflector equipment, the Fresnel line focusing system technology which we use is possible to track several hundred reflectors at the same time, focuses several hundred and thousand square meters sunlight to the light so that energy transformation part could gathers luminosity approximately 50 times than before, may with thermals of 3 or 4 hundred Celsius. The use of fresnel system changed the past situation that the tracking control system occupied the majority price of the project cost, at the same time, the core component of the thermal collector solar mid-high temperature vacuum tubes and specula reflection materials are made in China and marketing production to reduces the cost for transportation and installation.