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Sansung enterprise co. , Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of solar energy products in Taiwan.

The main product of ours is the solar water heater system. It recyces the solar energy and transfers it to the thermal energy to warm water(the thermo siphon principle) . It not only saves electricity but also reuses the solar energy.

We produce 150L and 300L solar water heater system. Type(can be strung) : EPS151: one 150L water tank + one solar panel + sustaining stand. EPS302: one 300 water tank + two solar panel + sustaining stand. The water tank can be horizontal or vertical.

Three sections of solar water heater system-
(1) The tank (150-liter / 300-liter)
I) The thickness of inner tank (sus304#) :: 1.5mm 10.06mm
II) The thickness of outer tank (sus304#) :: 0.4mm 10.06mm
III) Thermal insulation material: liquid PU vesicant (40mm)
IV) Size of pipe(sus304#) : 3/4
V) testing pressure: cool in 8kg/cm
advisory pressure: cool in 3kg/cm

(2) The solar panel (stainless frame & copper tube/ stainless tube)
I) Material of the frame: stainless steel
II) Material of thermal insulation:: high-density styrofoam(30mm)
III) absorber:: copper tube or stainless tube
( testing pressure: cool in 8kg/cm
advisory pressure:: cool in 3kg/cm
IV) the surface: tempered glass(3mm~5mm)

(3) The sustaining stand (30 degree inclined) : galvanized steel
*Finished goods is assembled by the three sections.

Required certification:
a) ISO9001
b) ISO 9806 solar heater water efficiency test system:
I) FR((Alpha) ) :0.75
II) FRUL:7.0
III) EPST151:0.504
Brand Name
ISOO 9002,ISO 9806 solar heater water efficiency test system&3A
Condition of Goods
2110X1050X1560 mm
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
a 40' container
Terms of Payment
L/C or T/T
Terms of Sale
FOB Taiwan