Sell Solenoid Directional Valves

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This Solenoid Directional Valves is a direct -action type of directional control slide valve which is manipulated by the solenoid. It is mainly used to achieve flow on-offs and change flow directions in hydraulic systems, providing various slide valve functions based on different requirements. The solenoid adopts DC or AC power supply and is screwed onto the valve body, ensuring good sealing for both sides of the valve body.

Technical Specification

Model FW-01 FW-02 FW-03
(MPa) PortP, A, B 25 31.5 3.15
Port T 6 16 16
Maximum Flow (l/m) 14 35 63
Weight (Kg) 2-position 1.0 1.2 4.4
3-position 1.4 1.6 6.0
Hydraulic Fluid Mineral Oil, Phosphate
Fluid Temp. -20~70
Viscosity (mm2/s) 2.8~380
Power Supply AC DC
Voltage 110,220/50HZ 12,24,110
Power Consumption (W) - 35
Attraction Power (W) 65 -
Switch Freqency (t/h) 7200 15000