Sell Solid Surfaces

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Lexmar Solid Surface has two different types of polymers, which are Acrylic Blended and 100% Acrylic. Acylic Blended is manufacture with high-grade core decoration material and going through the vacuum casting and high-temperature polymerization of special unsaturated resins, acrylics, aluminum hydrate and pigments.

100% Acylic solid Surface is a higher-grade product with the main ingredients of acrylic and aluminum bydrate which is 100% PMMA Solid Surface material. It combines the characteristic of woods' plasticity and stones' tenacity.

Lexmar Solid Surface is solid and non-porous with vibrant colors. The joints are smooth and seamless which has always been widely used as kitchen decorative panels, kitchen/bathroom countertops, and also the wall decorations in both residential and commercial building.

Lexmar Solid Surface is very versatile which can be used almost anywhere that you want a beautiful surface with lasting durability. Lexmar Solid Surface can be used from bathroom to kitchen and provides different atmospheres with our various colors and patterns. The decorative possibility becomes endless.